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Synchronize files and folders, backup files, copy files from a digital camera to your computer with ease. With preview of what is synchronized, many filters. A setup Wizard helps to easily start a new synchronization or backup. A synchronization can be started automatically e.g. when a digital camera is plugged in or a file has been modified. Support server paths and detection of conflicts. Features: Synchronize: - Synchronize files and folders, backups - multiple folders - Sub folders - Compare binary (file contents will be compared if file size is equal) - Support for network drives e.g. \MyServerFolder - Files larger than 4GB supported - multiple filter possibilities Automatic synchronization or backup - when the drive has been conneted - when a file in a folder that shall be synchronized was modified - or synchronize at defined time(s) Preview - Control what will be synchronized and e.g. change the sync direction - synchronize only the file you want to - call a DiffViewer. Copy photos from your digitla camera to you computer automatically - only the photos that have been taken since the last sync will be copied to your computer. - FireSync can ask for the destination folder (with a default folder) Easy to use, clear User Interface - A wizard helps you to set up a new synchronization. - Add Folder easily by drag & drop. More : - Can be run from the command line with parameters New Features: * UNIX line feeds can now be converted to DOS/Windows new lines and vice versa (when down-/uploading from/to a FTP server) * Now subfolders with a specific name can be excluded, e.g. 'bak'to exclude all bak folders. * Deleting of files and folders is not logged Solved problems and fixed bugs: * Comparing: sometimes there was a endless loop * Fixed problem with daylight savings (summertime) with FTP * Fixed bug when uploading to a FTP server in case the destination folder did not exist * Fixed bug with automati backup




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