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Application details

GS-Calc 8.1 is a useful all-purpose spreadsheet that will help you to better organize your data. Track your expenses and incomes, create reports, search and edit databases, perform statistical calculations. GS-Calc does the job quickly, easily and efficiently. GS-Calc 8.1 * A versatile and easy-to-use spreadsheet. * Over 12 mln rows x 4,096 columns. * ODF spreadsheet format as the default file format. * Around 300 built-in formulas including specialized numerical functions: Matrix decompositions; linear Equation sets with improving iterations; least squares (weighted, constrained), regression with orthogonal polynomials; time series analysis; minimization; linear, integer and quadratic programming. * Array formulas and 3D-formulas; UDF functions accepting and returning arrays. * Workbooks containing any number of hierarchically organized worksheets. * Multi-pane worksheet windows with up to 100 freely sync views; advanced sync options. * 2D/XY and 3D charts capable of handling very large amount of data. * Strong password Protection and encryption; password-protecting workbook structures and individual cells. * Hidden formulas and cells excluded from printing. Printing watermarks. * Dual COM interfaces enabling you to use GS-Calc functionality in your own applications. * Standard editing and formatting tools and options; optional Excel-, OpenFormula- and GoogleDocs-compatible formula syntax, predefined numeric styles and user-defined styles. * Clean installation (no registry entries are required); optional fully portable setup. * Importing, exporting and editing text, dBase III-IV, Clipper, FoxPro 2.x and Excel 2003 XML files.




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