LMD-Tools Special Edition(

Posted by download in Other, Software on 03-04-2010

Application details

LMD-Tools Freeware Edition. Contains demo package, but no help file. Please get help package from LMD-Tools section below, where compiled demo apps can be found as well. Special note for existing User LMD-Tools SE 7.1 and LMD-Tools SE 10.0 provide a different set of components. If you rely on certain controls in your existing projects, please check first Comparison Sheet. This is a LMD 2010 release and should not be used at the same time older release packages like LMD-Tools 7/8 (SE) or ElPack 5/6. Make sure you update either to latest version or use our free LMDPackUtil utility to switch Between different package settings. C++Builder (2006/2007) installers include files for Delphi and C++ Builder personalities.

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