Axon Idea Processor 2010

Posted by download in Other, Software on 07-04-2010

Application details

A 3-D idea visualization tool developed in ProLog - an AI language. Axon operates according to cognitive principles, supports both hierarchical and network architectures, and is object-based. Axon exploits visual attributes such as color, shape, size, and depth. Main features are: Large, multi-level Workspace - The Axon workspace is 3-D, allowing more information to be visible, and more complex models to be built. The workspace is scallable, and an Overview Window helps to show the big picture. The main enhancement to Axon2010 is a true 3D interface for expressing andvisualizing ideas in a more natural environment. OpenGL is used for the 3-D View. A panoramic FPS (first person shooter) interface. Ability to rotate a view and look from various cardinal view points. Both 2D and 3D views are maintained and switcheable. A 3D Toolbox for navigation, object manipulation and timer control. A 3D Object can be moved, rotated and scaled independent of its 2D position. Links are shown in 3D and can be animated to show the flow direction. 2D Shapes can be displayed in 3D. A Timer is used to create animations. Oscillation enables depths to be easily observed. Display complex 3D (Picture) Objects using Wavefront(tm) files (.obj and .mtl). 3D Objects can be linked or embedded. 3D Objects can all rotate to "face me". A 3D background (Picture in Sphere) can project a picture on the inner side of a rotating sphere. Directional (i.e. diffused) light can be positioned at various Locations, or made to rotate. Ambient light of various colors can be set. Fog effects can be set for realism.




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