Ingressor Desktop Edition

Posted by download in Other, Software on 07-04-2010

Application details

Release 4.0 includes our NK2 File Recovery utility. Automatically analyzes your file prior to processing. If an error is detected it will provide the option to automatically repair it. Designed for the novice user. The Desktop program automatically locates your registered NK2 file for you. IT Managers - Buy your staff copies and end the complaints about misdelivered emails! Simple to buy. Order now, download and register! Search, Edit, or Delete Name, and/or Alias information in SMTP records. Edit a single record or globally across the entire file. One profile (NK2) license is standard, but you may request up to three profile licenses at no additional cost if you want to merge two files or have more than one profile. Sort your contacts by any field to easily locate unwanted records Import from a text file to add multiple contacts Add or edit a single record! Export your contacts to text files for use in other programs Push one button and your AutoComplete contacts are automatically moved into a Contact folder for use or backup! Print file contents




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