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Application details

VisualMath is a new way to solve math and Engineering problems. Instead of using arcane command line prompts you literally "Draw" the problem using the VMHDL language. VisualMath is like an executable block diagram. The advantage is a visual perception of the Algorithm or circuit which leads to better understanding, natural documentation, and easier modification. Also, hardware relations are easy to study compared to text descriptions. Features Visual math provides more than 100 precompiled components Loops and user definable components Multiple design files can be open at one time Full text data base and files Easy to use plotter allows 3D plots of any function The VMHDL language is easy to use and remember VMHDL allows Concurrent simulation of multiple data VMHDL is Object oriented, Supports hierarchy and encapsulation Data is tab delimited allowing import/export to Excel and other programs Easy to use Grid style Matrix entry and viewing. Instant Access to all data at all times Toolboxes extend the applications to DSP, analog and digital systems Matrix size limited only by memory VHDL code generation Built-in custom text editor NO EXTRA COST FOR TOOL BOXES!!!




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