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Application details

Mipony is a Download Manager especially designed to download automatically from free hosting websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfiles, Gigasize, Filefactory and many others. With this download manager you will enjoy much comfort when you download the files avoiding the hosting pages drawbacks. Mipony takes care of everything. It goes automatically to the website hosting the file, waits the necessary time if it is required and initiates the download of lots of files, one after other automatically. Add the file links to the Download Queue in Mipony, and the program takes care of downloading all files in the shortest time possible. -Download continuously. Once the download link is added to the downloads list, the files will be downloaded automatically and, if you close the program, the downloads will be continued when you restart it. - Ability to establish priorities for the files in the download queue. Mipony also checks for every link if the file has been deleted from the server or if it is available to download, so before downloading a set of files you can be sure that all the files will download without problems. Mipony works with free and premium accounts of Rapidshare and Megaupload, and free accounts of many other hosters. - It controls how many files can be downloaded from each server simultaneously. - Many of the files hosted on free servers are divided into parts, Mipony has an option to join the downloaded files (HJSplit). - Mipony can Capture from the clipboard individual links or any text which containing any number of links. -Download-retries. If a download process gives an error for any reason when it is downloaded, Mipony will make the necessary retries automatically until the file is downloaded. -Browser. It has an integrated browser which detects links from the supported websites. It makes extremely easy to add links for downloading. - Automatic database upgrades of supported hosting pages.




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