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Application details

ClicksAndWhistles features multi-server connection support, multiple "identities", unicode (utf-8) support, floating, MDI or Tabbed windows, text and paragraph formatting (including coloured/bold/italic/underline fonts), background .PNG images and outline/shadow fonts, customizable colour schemes/themes, message logging, File Transfer (DCC), "connection scripts", macros, favorite channels and customizable message strings. ome ClicksAndWhistles features: Multiple server connections and multiple "identities" allowing you to have different nicknames on different servers. Unicode (UTF-8) support. Channel favourite list with configurable key press shortcuts. User groups (buddy lists) and user highlighting allowing you to associate different colours with different users. Keywords letting you know when somebody has mentioned something of interest to you or perhaps has mentioned your nickname. Configurable themes, PNG image backgrounds, outline fonts and colour gradient effects. Text formatting (colours, bold/italic/underline). Minimize To Tray with activity popup and sound event notifications. Full logging support including archiving and "log reloading" (previous session history). File transfers (DCC SEND) and direct chat (DCC CHAT). Identd support. "Connection scripts" (a simple list of commands to run once connected) and "macros" (use one command to automatically run a series of other commands). Customizable message text. v2.7.36 Internal (minor refactor): code Review uncovered some minor QA problems with the code. No defects fixed or new features added.




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