Copy Without Formatting

Posted by download in Other, Software on 07-04-2010

Application details

Provides various ways (customizable Keyboard Shortcut, floating button, or auto-copy) to copy your selection WITHOUT formatting. What would you normally do when you just want to copy some plain text without any formatting (font, color, images...) from your browser to office/email software? Copy -> paste into Notepad -> Copy again? Not anymore! With this extension, you can easily and directly copy unformatted text from Chrome using various methods: - Use your keyboard: press a customizable keyboard shortcut (default to Ctrl+Shift+C). - Use your mouse: click on a floating button which will appear after you select something in Chrome. - Auto-Copy (off by default): the selected text will be automatically copied to clipboard (unformatted) as soon as you release your mouse and finish the selection. These methods can be easily customized using "Options" button in the Chrome extension manager page. Make sure to save your modifications by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the options page! ATTENTION: the extension doesn't work on Chrome extension gallery pages. Please try it at some other sites (be sure to reload them if they are already open). You might need to restart Chrome to make it work. Tested on Windows/Linux.

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