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Application details

Tutorial Introduces the rules for the multiplication and division of positive and Negative integers, followed by the concept of addition and subtraction. Teaches the easy way to remove brackets. With these basic skills, students will be able to do calculations of integers easily. Simple mental exercises at the end of each session help to strengthen the concepts learnt. Practice PanIntegers is capable of generating thousands of sums for drills to ensure that the student masters these very important basic skills which will be needed in future for the learning of algebra. It includes sums on addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, order of calculations, removal of brackets and simple indices such as (-3)2 + 6. The sums get progressively more difficult if a student is doing well. If a student is doing badly, the numbers will be kept simple to let him focus on the concepts. Special Features Unlike some other programs, PanIntegers is able to accept alternative correct answers, for example, +2 instead of 2. This feature is important because at this early stage, students may want to put in the "+" sign for emphasis. It allows two players to compete with each other on one computer, reducing the number of computers required for a class by half. Each player can do the sums at his own pace. It prints two separate detailed reports, each showing the sums done by the individual player. Provides an excellent foundation for the learning of basic algebra.




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