Posted by download in Other, Software on 09-04-2010

Application details

FWsim is a freeware application for creating virtual Firework displays with music. It includes a firework shell editor. You can combine any components (e.g. bursting charges, burning stars, tails, crackling and ascent effects) to build almost any pyrotechnic article. More components will be included in the future. You can create HD videos from your fireworks (e.g. for YouTube). Features: High-Performance simulation of fireworks High-Quality rendering with smoke and glow Modular firework shell editor Firework Show Editor with Music, Automatic Steppers and Batteries Realistic Physics Real Recorded Sounds Version 0.5: Background Images Sparks and Tails look better Effect Editor: More options (e.g. strobe Frequency) Explosion time shown in Timeline Keyboard input for all numbers Bugfixes: Audio, "settings.xml not found" 0.5.1: fixed video rendering for long shows




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