JamSec WebDefenseur

Posted by download in Other, Software on 09-04-2010

Application details

JamSec WebDefenseur Web Application Firewall 1: Easy to use, Quick and Simple to install 2: Without equipments installation 3: Minimal Impact on system performance. 4: Support Apache,IIS,Tomcat,Resin,Nginx,Lighttpd etc. in Windows 2000 , 2003 5: Support all scripts languages. 6: Free Trials * Protect website and server, Against hacker * Filters all HTTP flows form the Internet. * Anti all common web vulnerabilities. * Anti Hacker,Ensure ecommerce. * Arp spoofing Protection,Data Leak Prevention * Detect and monitor Gateway and server, Monitor web traffic, Protect sensitive data. * Professional Report * Provides professional and detailed reports about attackers and attack attempts.




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