Autoplay Menu Designer

Posted by download in Other, Software on 10-04-2010

Application details

Autoplay Menu Designer is a powerful development tool to create dynamic and interactive menu for your AutoRun CD or DVD. It is the easiEST way to create professional-looking interface and generate files for an autorun disk. Creation of autorun CD/DVD programs with Autoplay Menu Designer does not require any programming skills. Use a simple click and drag mode to build a dynamic and interactive menu interface, which is popping up once you insert the disk into the CD/DVD ROM. From the menu you can launch applications, open documents, play music files, send an email, navigate to pages, and perform other tasks. The scope of features available in Autoplay Menu Designer gives you total control over the look and behavior of your autoplay CD menu. There are many features to customize, some are mentioned below. * Professionally-looking layouts Autoplay Menu Designer is ideal for beginners who need to build a nice autoplay CD menu, software installation disk, Multimedia Catalog, electronic journal, or marketing brochure but do not know how to start. Using the library of pre-built layouts and a simple point-and-click interface, you can create autorun CD almost hands down. Layouts are fully customizable - you can change window style, size, background and much more. * Point-and-click simplicity Autoplay Menu Designer is extremely easy to learn and use. It takes only a few minutes to familiarize oneself with the interface and design the first autorun CD menu. First you select the layout and customize CD menu properties as needed. Then drag and drop buttons, shapes, text, video onto the screens and assign interactive actions to the elements. When the menu is ready, click on the Build Project button. There's nothing easier than that! * Interactive objects Autoplay Menu Designer provides you with a large variety of objects to add to your autoplay CD menus. You can add polylines, shapes, text, cooltext, pictures, hot areas, embed RTF text viewer.




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