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Application details

Gerber files are one way to overcome the normal incompatibility problems that Prevent departments, companies, contractors etc. passing PCB CAD data around on disks, via networks, email etc. without the need to justify and purchase an expensive photo plotter, or a copy of every CAD system that you may come into contact with. The NoGerber utility can help companies as a stepping stone in the initial stages of organising concurrent engineering. Thus enabling feedback at an early stage, so that improvements can be made to The Design without delaying the project, or feed forward of information so that those involved in the next stage of the project can foresee problems to overcome. Key Benefits: 1.To view a PCB geber file on your PC monitor. 2.Loads multiple files to view multiple layers at the same time. 3.To print a gerber file on any Windows compatible printer. 4. To print a gerber file enlarged across several pages on a Windows compatible printer. (e.g. A2 size on 4 A4 sheets) 5.To view / print new designs at the conceptual stage without the need to purchase a copy of the particular CAD system(s) used. 6.SPOT errors by your (or your customers or suppliers) design department before it’s too late. 7.Plan mounting in the case, test fixturing etc. while still waiting for the PCB’s to be etched. 8.To view / print files sent via email. 9.To convert a gerber file into a bitmap and save as a .BMP format file. 10.To modify (improve?) plottings using PBrush (or whichever photo editing package you are familiar with) prior to pasting into a report.




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