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"Recipe software should be easy to use, accomplish the tasks you need most, and not be complicated with rarely used features. I have over 15 years experience developing recipe programs, and have listened to the suggestions of thousands of users. My family and I also use Home Cookin every day. I have learned what works, and what just sounds good on a feature list. I believe Home Cookin is the easiEST recipe software available. I hope you will enjoy it too!" Add your own recipes Select a chapter, click Add Recipe, and type in your recipe. It's that easy! No complicated forms to fill out, no restrictions on the format or number of ingredients, and plenty of flexibility. Add as many Personal Notes as you wish (for ratings, reviews, sources, etc.), or add information text for food glossaries, conversion charts, or other reference material. When you're done, use the built-in spell checker to check for spelling errors. If you have a photo of your recipe, you can add that too! Access thousands of free recipes No celebrity cookbooks. No expensive recipe collections. No internet access required. Just the easiest way to add a world of free recipes to your personal collection. Home Cookin supports most recipe formats (including meal-master, mastercook, and more), and a manual import feature makes it easy to transfer all other recipes to Home Cookin Recipe Software. Thousands of free recipes are available on email lists, web forums, newsgroups like rec.food.recipes, recipe CD's, or web sites like cooks.com, RecipeZaar.com, and many others. You can even import recipes from other recipe applications. You'll never run out of recipes! Find your favorite recipes quickly The familiar chapter layout makes it easy to browse for new recipes. Or, use the Find feature to search thousands of recipes in seconds! You can locate recipes by title, search for recipes using ingredients you have on hand, exclude items you want to ignore, and much more.




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