Hahaha CS33 Evolution Edit

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-04-2010

Application details

This is a special version of the CS33, skinned for use with the UC33 hardware controller. A matching template for use with the UC33 is included in the packlage. One of the aims with the CS33 design was to provide a maximum "Synth-in-a-box" feel when used with the UC33. You can program patches from scratch never looking at the screen until it's time to apply the final touches - expression controller tweaks, FX settings etc. The identical look of template and GUI also means you don't have to do a "mental re-map" every time you switch from looking at the screen to looking at the controller. Apart from the GUI and layout, the Evolution Edition is identical and patch-compatible to the Standard Edition. Since they share the same VSTi ID, many VSTi hosts will only allow one of the plug-ins to be present in its plug-in folder(s).




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