Posted by download in Other, Software on 12-04-2010

Application details

HookMon is a small utility to monitor hook procedures. For example, if you want to know if “something” is looking at what you are typing, you can use HookMon to see if a hook procedure is called the moment you press a key. If you see “WH_KEYBOARD” in the list, you know that a program SEES what you are typing. Key loggers, for example, (can?) use hook procedures to log everything you type. But it's not because WH_KEYBOARD appears in the list, you have a key Logger installed on your computer, it could be key logger. HookMon recognizes the following types of hook procedures: WH_CALLWNDPROC WH_CALLWNDPROCRET WH_CBT WH_DEBUG WH_GETMESSAGE WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK WH_JOURNALRECORD WH_KEYBOARD WH_MOUSE WH_MSGFILTER WH_SHELL WH_SYSMSGFILTER You can specify what hook procedures you want to monitor in the system menu. You can also copy the content of the list box to the clipboard. The list box cannot contain more than 32767 items; it will be cleared when the next item is added.

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