Replace Pioneer

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-04-2010

Application details

Replace Pioneer is a professional text, binary and internet file search, replace and conversion software, as well as an advanced Batch File Renamer, batch downloader, File Splitter, file parser, character encoding converter, word counter, bin/Hex/oct/dec converter, and html,doc to text converter, ip to counter converter.As an all-in-one application, Replace Pioneer can be used as: * A text replacement, conversion and extraction tool; * A text fill encoding detection and conversion tool; * A binary file replace and conversion tool; * A doc/pdf/html/... to text conversion tool; * A doc/pdf/html/... file search and Replace Tool; * A word and pattern counting/sorting/statistics tool; * A file merge, split, rename and copy tool; * A batch web site visiting and downloading tool; * A binary/hex/octet/decimal conversion tool; * A batch text generator; * A text editor supporting column mode; * A calculator and IP to Country conversion tool;




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