iPDF Pro

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-04-2010

Application details

iPDF is an Office2010 like automated PDF processing tool that does everything in Batch mode. Be it converting from Office documents to PDF, adding watermark, encrypting, decrypting, signing, publishing to services, etc. Nobody likes repeating himself. That's why iPDF automatically record history actions so later on you can Playback them like video just by mouse hover! Don't you hate those annoying modal dialogs keep popping up with the irritating noise. Well, we share your pain. So no more modal dialogs, not one! There aren't menus with endless submenus with even more sub submenus nor dialogs with sub dialogs with even more sub subdialogs. Instead, everyting is on a beautiful, nicely organized Ribbon! Isn't it a real pain that you have to upload your documents or files to different web services manually, one by one? Well, with the power of Software plus Services, iPDF can upload documents to popular services like Scribd and Windows Live SkyDrive. More services are coming!




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