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Application details

pElement is ideal for Middle school students with a strong interest in science, high school students taking chemistry classes, college students taking science and engineering classes, educators and professionals. The program provides a wealth of information on the elements and a number of software features. Features: Interface · 3 Periodic Table skins · 2 Info Window skins · click element for information Information · 11 general information categories (atomic number, symbol, atomic weight, element name, element description, discovered by, year discovered, minerals, primary source, major mining Locations and CAS registry number) · 25 physical property categories (melting point, boiling point, critical temperature, critical pressure, heat of fusion, heat of vaporization, heat of sublimation, vapor pressure, density (solid), density (liquid), density (gas), Young's modulus, shear modulus, bulk modulus, Poison's ratio, mean specific heat, thermal Conductivity at different temperatures, electrical resistivity at different temperatures, ...) · 13 chemical information categories (atomic radius, ionic radius, van der Waals Radius, covalent radius, electronegativity, effective nuclear charge and oxidation states) · 7 Electron information categories (ground state electron configuration, 1st and 2nd ionization energies, K, LI, LII and LIII electron binding energies) · Extensive crystal structure information (crystal structures of different phases, lattice constants and transformation temperatures) · 7 nuclear information categories




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