FileLocator Network 3.0 Bu

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-04-2010

Application details

Secure file searching for networked computers. FileLocator Network's unique features allow it to efficiently distribute search processing across a network of computers. Distributed searching not only exponentially reduces search times but also vastly reduces network traffic. For enhanced security all traffic is compressed, encrypted and signed. For simplified administration and safety FileLocator Network also supports centralized searching through network shares. Key Features and benefits - Distributed Searching Search processing can be handled by the client computers (without any prior installation required) thereby distributing the CPU work load across the network. - Centralized Searching For Simplicity and safety searches can also be run via administrative shares leaving client computers untouched. - Reduced Network Activity For distributed searches clients send only the compressed found results and not the complete searchable data saving time and reducing network traffic. - Enhanced Security Your organization's data is kept secure through a Secured Communication Channel. 3.0 (359) Bug Fix Release - Fixed $(AllLocalDrives) discovery with AdminShare searches. - New command line search tool flnsearch.exe (beta).




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