Zemana AntiLogger

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-04-2010

Application details

Zemana AntiLogger is the most powerful anti monitoring software in the world. Whether you're shopping online or checking a bank balance, you can keep your financial data out of the public eye with AntiLogger. It can proactively Detect and disable all kind of keyloggers, screen loggers ,SSL(https) loggers, clipboard loggers, webcam loggers and other loggers with the intent to steal your personal information. Rather than relying on signature updates to recognize known malware, the program uses proactive analysis to detect potential threats based on their behavior. Zemana’s proactive security is the perfect complement to your existing Antivirus and firewall software and does not slow down your PC. Benefits: - Secure all Internet activities - Secure internet banking and financial transactions - Protect your information in Emails and Instant Messages - Protect keystroke you enter - Protect all screen images - Does not slow down your PC - Easy to download, install and use




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