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Application details

TNGViewer is the standalone application for local display of TNG 3D™ presentations. TNGViewer can: Open multiple, both local and remote TNG 3D™ scenes. Open multiple FBX, 3DS, OBJ, DXF, DAE, LWO, LWS, LXO, X, PLY, OFF, STL and many more scenes. Revision, 8th April 2010 Vastly expanded file format support. TNGViewer now uses the Open Asset Import Library in order to open more than 40 different 3D file formats; this library also greatly improves Collada .dae support, as well as 3D Studio .3ds, Alias|Wavefront .obj, and AutoCAD .dxf support. The list of file formats is available in the About window, as well as in the user documentation. File formats that contain keyframe and skinning animation display animated objects by default. The Preferences dialog contains several options to configure the import process; furthermore, the Top Scenes tab now shows the amount of disk space used by the thumbnail and scene caches. Windows applications and plugins now fall back to a new Direct3D 9 renderer, on any machine without decent OpenGL drivers. Although the DX9 renderer still lacks dynamic shading atom support (no shadows, reflections, etc.), it has excellent performance. The About window in TNGViewer displays what renderer is currently in use. Fixed several interface, navigation and display issues in the applications and plugins.




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