Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-04-2010

Application details

HuntPack is the hunting software application designed and developed for Hunters. It allows for the storage and retrieval of all your relevant hunting information. Included in HuntPack are The Hunt Diary is where you can enter all your hunt Details, and then with the power of a simple query builder, retrieve the information you require to improve your chances for future hunts. A Contacts database which includes the Locations for all your hunting areas as well as all your personal contacts. The Document Register that manages all you electronic files, whether its a scanned document, or uploaded pictures from your hunt. The Equipment Register keeps all that important information about your hunting accessories. It can also link to files and photos like the Document Register. The Load Information is where you can store all the details for hand-loads that you use. It can even be used for purchased ammunition as well. An Exterior Ballistics Calculator has been added to look at the performance of your hand-loads and compare one hand-load against another. The Sun & Moon Utility to Forecast what the these conditions will be like on your future hunting trips.

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