FastMule Beta

Posted by download in Other, Software on 15-04-2010

Application details

FastMule is a fast online file back up, synchronize and storage solution, it will keep your data safe no matter what sort of disaster strikes your local PCs! And automatically synchronize your file to ensure your data up to date. FastMule Features Security & Privacy, Fastmule takes the security and privacy of your files very seriously. File data are AES 256 locally encrypted, all Transmission of file data is SSL encrypted against attacks from hackers. Fastmule uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to sync encrypted file data and local files to ensure file data 100% secure. Traditional Backup Method: * Net Disk:SSL transmission encrypted, no privacy;backup file data is inaccessible or even lost for server disasters. * USB Flash Disk:no encryption and privacy;TEC date or lose of hard disk will make backup file data meaningless. * Computer Backup:no encryption, backup will be destroyed by computer disasters. Real-time File Sync, easy-to-use, what you need to do is to add a backup directory and Fastmule will do the rest for you. Fastmule: automatically Detect, backup and sync the changes of files or directory to the server of any size or type, all operation is as easy as you manipulate on your computer, multiple computers sharing file at the same time and instant reflection to all computer once there’s any changes. Traditional backup Method: * Net Disk:upload and restore one file by one file, complex operation and limitation on the size of upload files. * USB Flash Disk:manual backup, no file management function, and limitation of the disk size. * Computer Backup:manual backup, no file management function, and limitation of the disk size or backup software is difficult to use. Access Backup file data anywhere and anytime, once you have Internet connection, you can upload or download file data




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