Staff Manager

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-04-2010

Application details

Staff management made easy with Staff Manager software. Using Staff Manager, you can store general and emergency contact information, wage rates, performance evaluations, reminders, Miscellaneous notes and Company specific information, scanned documents, and separation data of former employees. Employee reports contain information about one particular employee. The Employee reports include: * Comprehensive * General * Emergency * Wages * Evaluations * Reminders * Notes * User Staff reports contain a particular type of information about a group of employees. The Staff reports include: * Anniversaries * Birthdays * EEO Detail * EEO Summary * Evaluations by Date * Note Categories * Reminders by Date * Seniority In Staff Manager you can: * General contact information * Emergency contact information * Wage rates * Performance evaluations * Reminders * Miscellaneous notes and company-specific information * Scanned documents * Separation data of former employees

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