OSList (Optimal Shopping L

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Application details

Oslist will help you reduce cost of yours daily shopping. With Oslist you can create and print or sent to delivery Shopping List, by just few mouse clicks. With all this Simplicity product is very powerful. You can print shopping list, send by e-mail or send for mobile. You can create one list, and then Easy Split them into parts divided by products availability, or by shops. You can automatically find best price, and Oslist will assign optimal shops for you products. You can add new products to program database, as well as new products category or new shops. Program is shipped with predefined categories, products and shops which make start using Oslist very easy. Features * Create shopping list, by clicking selected products. * Send shopping list by Irda or Bluetooth to your mobile device. * Group products by shops or by category (department). * Print list in any order. * Can print list in different sizes from tiny to big. * Prepare e-mail with list. * Prepare HTML or Text files for mobile devices. * Save lists for future use. * Optimize shopping cost by finding lowest product price. * Shipped with tens predefined products. OTHER FEATURES * Ability to customize your products database (add, delete product items dynamically to already provided list of products). * Ability to customize your shops list and products categories. * Tree View allows you to see products grouped according to their shops or category order. * You can customize the provided list to your own shopping list at any time. * You can sort you list byany detail included in list (name, shop, price, unit, etc.). * You can add /move items to a custom category. * Optimize shopping cost by finding lowest product price. * Can alculate you rebate. * Finding products in selected shops. * Print list in any order. * Prepare nice e-mail. * You can add comments on e-mali, before you send it.




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