IMS Telephone On Hold Play

Posted by download in Other, Software on 15-04-2010

Application details

IMS is a computer controlled telephone on hold messages and music player for Windows PCs and Mac OS X computers. This software mixes and plays messages and music that will play to your callers while they are on-hold or being transferred. The main advantages of using a computer are automation (eg. date sensitive messages) and great user control. This on hold server gives you complete control over your messages. You also have access to state-of-the-art features that have never been available on hold before. And if a studio produces your messages for you, the presentation can be updated over the Internet. Install this on hold software on any Windows PC or Mac OS X computer and Connect the computer's sound out socket to the music on hold (MOH) port on your office phone system. IMS will mix and play messages on hold using the computer's idle time. No special hardware is needed and you can continue to use the computer as normal. If you have a computer in your office IMS is the most advanced and most affordable way to play on hold messages to your callers when they are on hold or being transferred. Features Real time mixing of on hold messages and music to create an endless presentation. Message scheduling to commence and expire on certain dates and to play only on certain days of the week or times of day. Fully digital audio ensuring that your messages sound good, are clear and are easy to listen to. Almost unlimited message and music Capacity. State-of-the-art 'Fuzzy logic' formula achieves the optimal message on hold rotation rate. Direct user control over messages and message scheduling. The software can be used with professionally recorded messages sent to you by a studio by email, CD or automatic online internet updates. Messages can also be recorded directly on your computer by plugging in a Microphone. Voice synthesizer function to synthesize speech from text if required.




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