ContactGenie QuickPort

Posted by download in Other, Software on 23-04-2010

Application details

ContactGenie QuickPort, contact import/export tool for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2010 providing full support for custom forms/fields in PST, Exchange Mailbox, or Exchange public folders. Optionally clear outlook folder prior to import. Choose to "Add all", "Add New Only" or "update" pre-existing contacts using one or more user-selected fields as update keys. Standardize primary field formats such as FileAs, EmailDisplayName and FullName. Dynamically create user-defined fields from input data file. Append or replace notes with or without time stamp. Append to or replace keyword field values. Import data from Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV, Tab, Space and Custom delimited formats. Optionally ignore empty input data fields for updates. Save import criteria for repeated use. Runs independently of Microsoft Outlook allowing use of any Outlook profile whether or not Outlook is running. Features: Use any Outlook profile whether or not Outlook is running. Multiple import processing options - - all contacts will be added. Optionally clear folder prior to import - - delete contacts that match records in input data file - - update pre-existing contacts Multiple options - - only new contacts will be added to folder - - specify whether new contacts are to be created or only process data for existing contacts Full support for custom forms/user- defined fields




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