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Application details

HyperLens - Enhance your Computer Display and Presentation! HyperLens is a powerful and intuitive display enhancing tool which enables you to freely Magnify, Rotate, Highlight, Sharpen, Enhance, Adjust and Filter your Computer Display and Presentation! With a variety of advanced features HyperLens generates very clear and sharp display effects to suit your visual needs in various situations. It can also greatly reduce screen glare with realistic anti-glare texture filters. By increasing the color levels of all or specified separate color channels, HyperLens can dramatically improve the visibility and clarity of dark or shaded graphic and video Details. It enables you clearly viewing the hidden graphic and video details that are hardly to be seen, such as underexposed pictures and video monitoring in night light. At the same time, you can also sharpen the blurred display contents. HyperLens enables you to impressively visualize and enhance every detail of your presentation display for any audience during a meeting, training or education, simply by rolling the mouse wheel to magnify, rotate or highlight any part of the video output of your PowerPoint presentation, Flash movie or any type of presentations, such as programs, documents, web pages, graphics or photos, videos or animations, designs or drawings, etc. HyperLens is also an advanced screen Magnifier for visually impaired and low-vision people, with more unique features such as full-screen smooth magnification, rotation, sharpening enhancements, color adjustments, text caret tracking, mouse cursor customizations, and click highlighting effects, etc. But takes less CPU usage than other Similar applications. HyperLens effectively integrates flexibility, accessibility, efficiency and convenience. It is a versatile and extremely easy-to-use computer display enhancing tool designed for all!




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