Generator FD

Posted by download in Other, Software on 05-05-2010

Application details

Generator FD is a rapid application development (RAD), that generates source code for Windows Forms in VB .Net or C#, managing data in a SQL Server database. The common task of development in every Windows Forms .Net application, like the creation of the database schema, the database acces programming the creation of the forms to show and edit the information, may suppose Between 50 ~ 70% of total time of development, or even more, depending of the application features. The remaining time is spent in programming the algorithms to resolve the specifics of the application process, testing and help building. This task are the ones to add value to your applications, over competing ones, so this are the task where all your resources are to be committed to reach better achievements. Generator FD will help you to decrease development time of the common task, in your Windows Forms .Net applications, over the 50%, from a simple class diagram you will obtain all the source code to store & edit the data over a SQL Server database, using a three tier architecture that will manage all the database access code. With the bonus that all the generated code will have the same structure and the same error control code.




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