VintaSoftBarcode.NET Libra

Posted by download in Other, Software on 05-05-2010

Application details

VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK is the high-end Barcode reader and writer component for .NET developer. It supports reading & writing of 1D, postal and 2D barcodes in digital images and PDF files. Features: *Programming environments: .NET Framework *This is a fully-managed .NET library to guarantee the fast working in .NET Framework *Multi-threaded support *Write barcodes to the image *Many optional settings give complete control over barcode creation process *Read barcodes from the image *Recognizes all barcodes anywhere in the image or from region of interest *Identifies the type of recognized barcode *Returns the string value of recognized barcode *Returns the confidence of recognized barcode *Automatically detects the orientation of recognized barcode *Returns the bounding rectangle of recognized barcode *Reed-Solomon error correction Algorithm (PDF417, DataMatrix, QR Code) to fix damaged barcodes *Read barcodes from image objects, image files or PDF documents *Advanced document cleanup functions to improve recognition of barcodes in images




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