Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.0

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This application will allow you to run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger instead of only having one open. This is perfect for those who run under several names. There are others out like this...but have an update prompt this does NOT have that

This is intended for the newest build of messenger and may not work properly on lower builds.

Just run the install and then start using the YMulti Messenger icon that will appear on your desktop instead of the regular Yahoo Messenger icon.

YMulti Messenger as the title suggests allows you to have multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger running at the same time instead of only one. I think anyone knows what is Yahoo Messenger it is the official IM client for the Yahoo Network. Using this program you can instantly communicate with your friends family etc in simultaneous sessions. After installing the program you can start adding IDs of your friends. Lately due to the interoperability between Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger you can use IDs from both messenger services in order to communicate at the same time with contacts using both Yahoo and Live messengers. Now if your friend is online you can start to communicate with him. You also can Call a friend and if you have a microphone you can talk with him or even see him if he has a webcam.

You can use the privacy options and hide your status from all your contacts or only from some of them or you can change your status. If you want to keep your messages you have the Archive where you can set to erase the messages every time you exit the program or to keep them for ever.
The interface is very simple and easy to use. Even a novice will find it very easy to use.

Pluses Its a fast mode to keep in touch with your friends and. It offers you the possibility to talk with your friends or even to see each other. You can play online games with your friends or make online conferences.

Drawbacks flaws It cant do spam filtering and you might receive virus messages. Youll get the Disconnected message a lot. The program only installs itself on the C partition because it doesnt verify where your Program Files folder is located. If Windows is not installed on the C drive of your computer youll have to manually move the installed files to where your operating system lies.

In conclusion If you never used it you might give it a try

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