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Application details

ShareGhost is the apex of current file sharing technology wrapped up in a powerful, comprehensive p2p client you are bound to LOVE right from the start. The software was designed with a Focus on user-friendliness without sacrificing any of the much useful features such as multinetwork support, GHOST ratings, and a fully user-configurable queue area. One of the most important aspects when choosing a reliable p2p client is its ability to Connect to many other users and that depends on the networks it supports. Well, in this respect ShareGhost is also an excellent choice since it supports Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent networks. From installation (which lasts under 30 seconds) up to searching for content and managing your downloads and collection of files, this p2p application simply runs smooth and discreetly (in the background) whether you are a newbie or an expert in such software. For those of you who haven’t used ShareGhost or any other similar software, there is a Quick Start Wizard included to ease up your experience with this client and help you configure your program in a few simple steps. If you are a savvy user you can access all the options and features ShareGhost offers by clicking on ‘Tools’. The wizard will assist you in setting the right Internet connection, choosing which files to share, connect you to the p2p networks you want and getting started with the program. ShareGhost also has a ‘social’ side and includes an IRC Chat Channel where you can contact your p2p friends.




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