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It took you a long time to give up your standard wall calendar, you know, the one that hung in your office with all of the Sticky Notes and scribbled writing on it. You moved on, and now you use the calendar that comes with your email program, and you think it's pretty good. Well, here's Some News for you - it's time to move on up again, to something even better! VueMinder Calendar is the future of appointment management. With other calendar apps, you'd enter the date and time of an appointment, and that would be it - maybe you'd get a simple popup reminder, but that's the best that you could expect. With VueMinder Calendar, you'll be on the receiving end of content-rich popup reminders, desktop alerts, and reminders that can be sent to you via email or direct to your phone using SMS. Your popup reminders in VueMinder Calendar are FANCY. You can have pictures, video, music, or embedded web pages right in your reminder. With desktop alerts, you can set VueMinder Calendar to play a sound, then automatically Snooze for a few minutes! And those email and text message reminders? They'll go to as many people as you designate, not just you! You can even share your calendars via email, or by publishing to a secure location. VueMinder Calendar is perfect for group calendaring. Everyone can subscribe to a calendar to keep up-to-date, and you have the ability to modify a subscribed calendar and publish your changes. Full backup and restore capabilities are included, naturally. If you've lived your entire life in Microsoft Outlook up to this point, you need not worry - with VueMinder Calendar, calendars can be imported and exported to Outlook and Excel. In fact, automatic Outlook sync allows you to view or modify the same calendar in both VueMinder Calendar and Outlook! Of course, VueMinder Calendar is infinitely configurable to your needs - print and view your schedule by day, week, month, or year, and select different appearance themes and window layouts.




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