O&O MediaRecovery

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With O&O MediaRecovery 4 you can recover deleted photos that captured those precious moments - from your vacation,of your wedding, or the fi rst pictures of your children. If those irreplaceable memories are deleted it no longer has tomean they are lost forever. And O&O MediaRecovery 4 doesn't stop there: it can also recover your favorite songs andvideos, simply and quickly, and all with just a few clicks of the mouse! Based on the one-of-a-kind, world leading technology of O&O SmartScan and O&O DeepScan, with O&O MediaRecovery 4 you will receive a product that specializes in the most popular Multimedia file types out there. No other productcan recover data as quickly or securely. Why not convince yourself, and let O&O MediaRecovery 4 return those prized memories to you! Supports the most popular and important memory systems Data can be recovered from all popular data storage media, including MP3 players, digital cameras, memory cards (e.g. SD, MMC, xD and other cards), hard disks and of course devices such as the Apple iPod. The rescued data can then be saved onto any Settings for Data Recovery Windows compatible storage medium (except of course on the medium from where the data has just been rescued from). Supports the most popular and important multimedia formats With O&O MediaRecovery 4 you can get back photos, videos or music files in just about any format. Regardless of whether your device saved the files as JPEG,MPEG, MID, Apple QuickTime, Windows Media Player, TIFF or WAV, O&O Media-Recovery 4 will bring those valued memories back for you. Preview Function Once a scan procedure has been completed you can preview the data you intend to recover. O&O MediaRecovery 4 supports most picture formats in the preview function,including JPEG, BMP, TIFF and many more.




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