Sonarca Sound Recorder XiF

Posted by download in Other, Software on 18-06-2010

Application details

Sonarca Sound Recorder is a powerful sound recording software, with it you can easily record various sound input to dozens of audio formats. Key Features * Record various sound input to dozens of audio formats and hundreds of codecs/subformats. * Supports WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, MP2, VQF, AIFF, AIFC, AIF, 3GP, AAC, M4A, M4B, MP4, MPC, MP+, MPP, WV, AU, SND, RAW, GSM, VOX, PCM, ADPCM, G721, G723, FAP, PAF, SVX, 8SVX, IFF, NIST, IRCAM, SF, VOC, W64, MAT, MAT4, MAT5, PVF, XI, HTK, CAF, SDS, AVR, WAVEX, SD2, WVE, RF64 and user-customized formats etc. * Supports multiple sound input, audio/video files playback, CD player, line in, microphone, internet radio, even the obsolete tape/VHS cassette or anything else. * The exclusive customized recording mode allows the users to record sound to customized formats thru their own encoders. Theoretically, Sonarca Sound Recorder can record sound to INFINITE audio formats. * Studio qulity sound recording, supports ultra high sampling Frequency up to 1920000 Hz and 24bit/32bit high bit resolution. * Build-in 64 bit Digital Signal Processing engine, apply frequency filtering/amplitude gain/speed adjustment/earphone enhancement/vocal removal DSP effects to audio data. * Supports global Hotkeys, start recording anywhere. * Mixer Device/Input Line/Volume/Balance control. * Advanced "Silence Detection" feature enables automatically pausing/resuming recording according to sound volume. * It use latest Lame MP3 encoder which is GeneRally believed as the the best MP3 encoder in the world. * Supports three external AAC encoder: FAAC, Nero AAC and CT AAC+. * Lossless recording, supports many modern lossless audio formats such as WAV/WMA Lossless/APE/FALC/AIFF/WavPack etc. * On-the-fly recording, no temporary file generated. * Fully visualize the recording process and realtime display the spectrum of audio data. * Intuitive output file management. * And more




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