Clone Tools

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Application details

Clone Tools gives a great overview of clone files and folders Clone Tools helps you find identical files on your computer and displays the files in a way that makes it easy to identify which files to delete and which to save. To make this as easy as possible Clone Tools not only works with files but also with folders. If a folder contains clones it will be compared to other folders that also contains clones. If two folders shares clones they will be listed so you can easily compare their contents in the Twin Browser. This simplifies the task of deciding which of the clones to keep and which to delete. Clone Tools also provides a powerful filter option that helps you find the folder that contains files that are relevant and ignore the rest. There are also effective tools that helps you purge clones from folders or merge folders, as well as all the usual file handling abilities (copy, delete ,cut and paste). Better overview of folder structures: In other programs you get the results as a list of files, when you have many clone files on your disk this list gets extremely long and it is a tedious task to decide which files to keep and which files to delete. In Clone Tools you get the results based on the folders that contains clones instead. When you work with folders instead of single files it is much FASTER and you do not have to make decisions for each file. Unique Features: Clone Tools also have powerful automatic functions that combines the contents of two folders or deletes all clones in a folder that are shared with another specific folder. Clone Tools features a unique twin browser that lets you compare the files and folders in folders with Similar contents.




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