Send-Safe Standalone 2.5 B

Posted by download in Other, Software on 19-06-2010

Application details

Send-Safe Standalone is a single-computer version of one of the most advanced and efficient bulk email software in the industry - Send-Safe Enterprise. It designed specially for those who don't use many servers for mailing but still wish to take advantage of The Power of Send-Safe Enterprise mailer. Features Anonymous mailing using your own proxies or direct CAN-SPAM compliant opt-in mailing; High speed (over 1,000,000 emails/hour reported); Message personalization; Header and body customization and randomization with rich set of "special tags" and user-defined "macros"; Message source code editing for experts; Simultaneous processing of several campaigns (new!); Messages and settings (excluding only "# of Threads") can be changed on the fly without having to pause mailing and will take effect immediately; Support for dynamic IP changing every few minutes; Support for proxy Chains for ultra-safe anonymous mailing; Proxy/IP blacklisting rules; Highly detailed log that will help you to troubleshoot delivery/speed problems; Proxylock feature; Image morphing; Built-in SpamAssassin test; Message preview mode.




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