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Application details

Create sophisticated interactive applications such as multimedia presentations, Digital Album, interactive kiosks and catalogs, cd-cards, banners for web sites, computer-based training applications, cbt, educational games and materials, e-books, screen savers and wallpapers of the Windows, interactive CDs and more. MaxMedia is an easy-to-use professional multimedia authoring tool, for inexperienced and advanced users. Without having to learn any complicated programming languages, you will be able to combine graphic, image, photos, text, sounds, MP3, video, flash, animation, html and other elements into your own creation. After finishing your work, you can distribute it as executable file (EXE), screen saver (SCR), Macromedia Flash™ (SWF), animated gif (GIF), video (AVI) or to present it directly from the CD, DVD (JPG/Photo-CD) or Internet Explorer™ (MaxPlayI plug-ins OCX). You can send to other users a final version of your application or an evaluation version limited for an amount of days. With MaxMedia your Imagination is your only limit! Types of users that can use MaxMedia: Families: birthday commemoration albums, 15 years and weddings; Companies: product catalogs (immobile, clothes, cars) and presentations; Artists: organize and create historical of the works; Schools: institutional CD, graduations albums and commemorative CD; Photographers: books and event albums, like graduations and marriages; Doctors and dentists: photos, slides and images of ray-x; Experts, insurance companies and banks: files of photos; Agencies of models: books Assembly with photos and videos; Students, teachers and executives: several presentations; Political: signs for electoral campaign.




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