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Application details

Newsflash is usenet binary newsreader optimized for speed, simplicity, portability and efficient resource usage. It offers a lightweight, yet powerful and extremely fast and slick interface for powerusers who do not shy away from terminal based applications. Embedded Python engine will make sure you never run out of features. Get the maximum value for your Usenet account! Performance is everything and Newsflash is all about performance! Newsflash handles volumes of data gracefully and provides you with maximum throughput. Every Aspect of Newsflash has been designed from the performance point of view, yet not sacrificing reliability or robustness. Feature list * yEnc, uuencode and text downloads * integrated help system * external tools integration * text, log and image viewers * advanced console UI functionality * function keys, home, end, page down/up etc * color support, vertical scrolling, dynamic view layouts * simultaneous TCP connections to multiple servers * simultaneous TCP connections per server * TCP connection cap * TCP connection recovery * TCP connection management, clone, kill, yield * big task splitting to multiple TCP connections for speedup * advanced task management, pause, resume, cancel, kill, Boost * view filters o PERL regex search o type/age/state/size filters * Broken post, text and binary post discovery * Catalog bookmarks * background Python action/event scripts o allow application customization at specific events o automatic download verification/repair using QuickPar / par2 o automatic download Extract using WinRar / unrar o automatic mp3 playback with WinAmp / beep-media-player * extension Python scripts o allow new features with UI to be implemented and added to the application o IMDb extension o mediamanager extension * script management




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