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What is Baralga? Baralga enables you to keep track of the time you spend working on different projects. You can record the projects your are working or you can manually enter and edit project activities. This way you can easily memorize when and how long you have been working on each single project. Baralga is a simple and lightweight time tracking solution for the freelancers and consultants. As a consultant you work for different projects and at the end of the day you can hardly remember how much time you spent working on each single project. So whoever needs to track how much time (s)he spends on projects will benefit from Baralga: Consultants Freelancers Software Developers ... Key Features Here's an overview of Baralga's key features: keep track of the time you have been working on different projects easily switch Between projects using the tray icon automatic recording of project activities generate reports for Microsoft Excel (check out the Sample Reports!) manually add and edit project activities




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