My Music Quiz

Posted by download in Other, Software on 22-06-2010

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How well do you know the Music Collection on your PC? Do you know it inside out, how about backwards? My Music Quiz (MMQ) is a PC based audio game, for any number of players, that challenges you and your friends to identify tracks from your music collection, extracted as short samples and played in fiendish ways. For example, can you identify your favorite track and artist from a 1 second random sample? You can see more Details here. Features Quick Quiz mode 5 difficulty levels Selects music from Media Player library automatically 3 clicks and youâ??re playing the quiz Custom Quiz mode Fully configurable Number of rounds Number of questions per round Playlist selection Position of the sample in track: beginning, Middle, end or random Track selection, random or sequential Duration of the samples - The shorter the harder Modify sample options (specific to media) Fast Slow Multiple samples Reverse Predefined quiz examples, or create your own custom quiz Play a quiz based on one of the supplied examples Design your own quiz based on an example to get one that really challenges you Design your own custom quiz from scratch Save and load custom quizzes Multiple visual modes Full screen mode ideal for playing as a group on a larger screen TV Windowed mode available if preferred Guest Media Use samples from portable media and media players Scoring for up to 4 players or teams Enter your name at the start of the quiz and the game will keep track of your score Score tracking is on by default, but can be disabled in the Options Menu if you prefer Give a clue The game will give you a choice of 4 possible answers, you choose the one you think is correct Suggested Score The game will give a score at the beginning of each question, then as you use options such as "play again" or "play longer", points will be deducted




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