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Application details

Evalutel proposes an efficient and affordable method of e-learning, to be used both in classes and at home. This software is suit for Middle school 11-15 years students. Evalutel Software is intended for all middle and high school students from grade 6 up to university preparation. Every subject is studied with its applications, and pursued in a continuous and coherent approach, through one or more chapters. The titles don’t present the program of a class (or a country) but rather cover the subjects for 3 years, and sometimes more. The part 2 Includes: Orthogonal median of a segment. Orthogonal medians of a TRIANGLE and round Circle. 1. Construction and properties of an orthogonal median to a segment. 2. Review. 3. Property of the line joining the center of two intersecting circles. 4. Orthogonal medians of a triangle are convergent. Circle round a triangle. 5. Drawing a circle round an ordinary triangle. 6. Circle round a right-angled triangle. 7. Drawing the perpendicular to a line using a ruler and compasses only.




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