LeKuSoft Data Recovery

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Application details

LeKuSoft Data Recovery is an advanced recovery solution that will easily recover deleted files from recycle bin, partition loss, or mistaken deletion. It can effectively recover lost data in hard drives, flash drives, memory cards (such as SD cards, MMC cards), etc., quickly help you solve the trouble caused by the loss of data, files or pictures. Quickly and effectively recover lost or mistakenly deleted files or pictures. Compatible with almost all file systems like NTFS,FAT12,FAT16,FAT32. Backup disk partitions automatically for an Easy Recovery. Recover damaged disk partitions to the raw status. Recover and repair Outlook Emails. Features: Quick recovery. Quickly and effectively scan the selected hard drive volume and recover data.(One third FASTER than that of the similar software in the same industry). Deleted files and pictures recovery. So long as data is not repeatedly written, the deleted files or pictures can be directly recovered in hard drives, flash disks, memory cards (like SD cards, MMC cards,etc.), with no mistake in recovered files. All file systems supported. Compatible with NTFS,FAT12,FAT16,FAT32 file systems. Formatted partition recovery. The recovery will ignore the existing file system structure, try to search the structure related to the previous file systems. So long as the data has been not covered, it is Recover data from lost partition. Find the lost partitions and recover the relative data. Any system partition lost by some reason will be found out as long as the size of the partition has been not damaged, and the data relative to the lost partitions will be recovered. Email Recovery Recover deleted Outlook, Outlook Express, Foxmail etc. Email files. (.pst .dbx .box). Outlook Email repair Repair corrupted Outlook, Outlook Express files. Effectively recover damaged disk partitions to the raw status.




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