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Application details

TimeCult is a personal task management and time tracking application written in Java. TimeCult allows to create a hierarchy of projects and tasks, collect time metrics, quickly estimate used time per any project/task for a given time period, exchange data with Microsoft Excel and/or OpenOffice.org Calc. Keeps a detailed history of used time for any task along with comments on what has been done. Key Features Manage Project and Tasks Create a hierarchy of projects, subprojects and tasks. Add any detailed comments to a project or task. At any time change task state to one of the following: in progress, finished, cancelled. Flag tasks which need attention (since version 0.5.1). Browse flagged items. Collect Time Metrics Measure time spent for a task in real time. Several timers can be used if needed. Keep detailed records of used time and comments on what has been done. Quickly get a summary of time spent for each of projects, tasks over a specified period of time: one day, current week, month or year. Just click to a filter name to change a time scope. Exchange Data With Other Applications Export data to a comma-separated (CSV) format understood by MS Excel and many other applications. Copy and paste data from Time Log (journal) or from Summary to MS Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc. Directly work with TimeCult XML file from other applications.




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