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myOwnPayday is an innovative approach to Personal Financial Management that was created out of practical necessity. It is like no program you have ever experienced. First, a Brief description follows of what myOwnPayday will not do. This software is so different from other programs in the same genre that it is important that you understand up front what to expect. This is not another budget program. Nor is it an accounting based program like the leading money management software. When using myOwnPayday, you do NOT keep track of, and record every penny you spend. Nor do you enter and categorize every check you write. In fact, myOwnPayday does not have a check register; only a checkbook balancing window. This program is also not designed to help you prepare your taxes. Nor is myOwnPayday about investments, the stock market, or any other of the many facets of building wealth. myOwnPayday is concerned solely with the issues of getting comfortably from PayDay to payday while paying your bills on time. Once you have these basic aspects of your financial life in order, peace of mind is normally not far behind. As an added bonus, after using myOwnPayday for a few months, investments and building wealth may become viable options. When it comes to managing your month-to-month Personal Finances, it doesn't matter how much you make. What's important is that you have a tool that allows you to continually see where you are, and where you are headed. myOwnPayday provides that tool.




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