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Application details

TubeMaster++ is a free software by GgSofts. It is a powerful tool which can Capture Multimedia files you are watching or listening from your internet browser (FLV,MP3,MP4). Captured files can be saved directly on your computer or converted to other popular video or audio formats (AVI, MPEG, MP3, MP4, IPod, PSP ...). Websites examples : YouTube, DailyMotion, MySpace, Google Videos, LastFM, Deezer, Jiwa, Songza, and many others ... Powerful search engines are also integrated to find videos or audio (mp3) files directly from the software. Features: 100% Secure ! TubeMaster++ capture files (MP3,MP4,FLV) you are watching on internet but there is no connexions to the distant server ! The software catch the data from your network interface, so, nobody can know you are capturing files ! Free, Free, Free TubeMaster++ is free. That mean you are free to distribute-it or use it the time you want. You can help me by donating but you must know that the software will not be limited if you don't choose to donate... Windows... what else ? TubeMaster++ is developed in JAVA language so it will be also available for operating systems such as Linux or MAC. Please be patient, i'm working on the Windows version, the multiplatform edition will come next... Great conversion tool Captured files can be converted in other multimedia formats thanks to many conversion presets and the great FFmpeg tool. Examples : AVI,MPEG,MP3,MP4,WAV,WMA,MOV,Ipod,PSP,Blackberry,Neuros,Palm.... Powerful search engines TubeMaster++ integrates search engines to find videos or MP3 files. Videos can be watched and captured if the HTTP protocol is used and MP3 files are directly downloaded.




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