ReplaceMagic VisioOnly Sta

Posted by download in Other, Software on 26-06-2010

Application details

ReplaceMagic VisioOnly is used by IT staff to fix Broken links when server gets renamed all over your Visio documents. This version comes in Standard and Professional edition and difference is that Standard can scan only documents on your C drive and Professional can scan file anywhere on network where you have access from computer where ReplaceMagic software is installed. It is simple to use ReplaceMagic because you only need to create list of search/replace pairs and specify which folders to you want to process with ReplaceMagic and that is it - it can not be more Simple! Use it for... Performing server consolidations where document links need updating Server renaming or replacement where document links need updating Features: Search and replace inside hyperlinks and hyperlink addresses Search and replace UNC link paths Search Only mode - very handy for detecting where replaces would occur Search and replace international character sets Handles any number of sub folders Handles documents with password for open or modify Easy to install/uninstall The original file date and time stamp will be preserved.




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