KidsMouse for Windows

Posted by download in Other, Software on 29-12-2009

Application details

Education software for infant who can learn while playing only by intuitive mouse operation. KidsMouse can learn alphabet, numbers, and shape and color, etc. in a happy game and the puzzle. The player can Play only by an easy mouse operation. The reasons why the operation of KidsMouse can be easily acquired are the united interface designs. KidsMouse has a lovely illustration and a happy sound effect. Because the operation of KidsMouse is easy, even only the little child can operate it. Please praise the child when answering correctly. It is the most preferable to play together in the Family. - New Game "Dots"(Ver 3.0.2) Added a New game "Dots". It is a game that sequentially clicks the point. The line appears whenever clicking, and various animals are completed. - Change in screen size The screen size was changed from 4:3 to 16:10(Correspond to 16:9). Therefore, the screen came to be displayed on the display of all Mac full at full-screen. Moreover, graphic of the background etc. changed completely, it became an arrangement of color suitable for new OS, and the main menu was changed to the full-screen display. Even a small child came to be able to play at ease.




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